Issues arising – unintended impacts?

19 May, 2008

What the Katine project has done is to relieve our budget. The money we would have spent can now be used in other areas of the district,” Ochola said, before pledging to offer whatever support Amref may need to implement the project.

(from Guardian, 16th May: A colourful Katine welcome)

If this is true, then the net impact of AMREF’s investments in Katine could be less than expected, but more than expected elsewhere in the district. Is this what AMREF expected to happen? This is a classic example of fungibility, and its complicating effects on the task of assessing the impact of aid.

It would be useful if AMREF could obtain a copy of the District budget for the current and previous financial year, to see how substantial (or not) any changes have been in the allocations to Katine sub-country. Such information may not necessarily be publicly available. In some countries even elected district officials have difficulty accessing such budgets.


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